Special thanks to all students from Honors College History 434, the Global History of Color:

Cleo Bethel, Lilly Bonasera-Vrh, Avery Butler, Emily Friedenberg, Ashley Goussak, Sarah Hovet, Sadie Kavalier, Aviva Kaye-Diamond, Madeline Landis-Croft, Frankie Lewis, Elmira Louie, Derek Maiolo, Jack Peplinski, Ben Pettis, Anna Ritchie, Meg Rodgers, Brooke Sikora, Hannah Solheim, and Megan Wyatt.

UO Libraries

The following individuals made major contributions to this project

Franny Gaede, Head of Digital Scholarship Services, UO Libraries

Franny took responsibility as the Digital Scholarship Center's project sponsor and supported project marketing and promotions.

Mandi Garcia, Library Design and Exhibits Coordinator, UO Libraries

Mandi oversaw marketing and promotion for the digital exhibition.

Corey Gillen, Analyst Programmer, UO Libraries

Corey gave advice on usability and helped resolve technical issues.

Ray Henry, Supervisor, Library Applications Programming, UO Libraries

Ray gave advice on technology accessibility.

Azle Malinao-Alvarez, Information Technology Consultant, UO Libraries

Azle led exhibition design; created a mock-up site; supported the implementation of the chosen Omeka S theme; and provided design consultation.

Sarah Seymore, Digital Collections Metadata Librarian, UO Libraries

Sarah developed metadata guidelines for Omeka S; provided consultation on metadata creation and cultural heritage repository cross-walks for digital assets; and added digital assets to Omeka S.

Julia Simic, Assistant Head of Digital Scholarship Services, Digital Production and Preservation, UO Libraries 

Julia oversaw digital production; lead digital asset technical troubleshooting; provided consultation on copyright issues.

Randy Sullivan, Digital Production Manager, UO Libraries

Randy led digitization of assets from UO Libraries Special Collections and University Archives for the exhibition.

Kate Thornhill, Digital Projects and Engagement Librarian, UO Libraries

Kate provided support for project management; consulted on many aspects of project design, implementation, and documentation; and provided technology instruction support.

The project team would also like to thank the following repositories and organizations for contributions to development and celebration of this digital exhibit:

UO Libraries Special Collections and University Archives, UO Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art, UO Museum of Natural and Cultural History,  a Williams Instructional Grant, Oregon Humanities Center’s Endowment for Public Outreach in the Arts, Sciences, and Humanities, UO Department of History